Employee Education

Employee Education/Employer Communication

Intent to service, support and communicate

Keeping up with monthly benefits trends—whether that be in the wellness, human resources, compliance or employee communications sector—can be a difficult task. Creating timely, well-researched and well- written communications on these trends can be even more time- consuming and complex.

That’s where our newsletters, campaigns and groupings come into play. These content offerings are the easy button for Beckworth Beneficial as we are intent to service, support and communicate with our clients all year long. With these offerings, we aid our clients or do ourselves if they wish, in the the set up of drip marketing campaigns for HR Departments and their employees.

We provide valuable content on an automated schedule for either—or all—of these content offerings. They come in the form of newsletters, campaigns and groupings, organized by topic segment:

  • Legal and Compliance
  • Benefits Education
  • Human Resources
  • Wellness
  • Employee Communications

Newsletters, Campaigns and Groupings: What’s the Difference?

  1. Business people looking at chartsA newsletter campaign is a collection of documents that are written and released monthly, bimonthly or quarterly with a preset distribution schedule. Newsletters are written so that they feature the most timely information possible.
  2. A campaign is a collection of preexisting documents with a preset distribution schedule—though you can adjust it.
  3. A grouping is a selection of documents with no dates, so you can choose your own schedule.

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