Employee Benefits Guide

Customized to fit your company’s specific needs

Employee Benefits Guides highlight a company’s plan offerings, features and costs, along with required disclosures, carrier contact information, and more. These comprehensive enrollment guides are a crucial informational source for employees during the open enrollment period and boarding period. Each guide can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs.

Employee Benefits Guides are also an enormous help to any Human Resources department. They aid with onboarding new employees as they are a practical tool to aid in benefit plan determination, benefits selection, and payroll deductions. The traditional way of pouring through carrier specific forms, SBC’s and premium cost grids are cumbersome and stressful for both employee and employer. Employee Benefits Guides give order, an easy-to-follow coordination of benefits, and offer peace of mind to what is often considered as intimidating. Beckworth Beneficial provides both large and small group clients these guides in both English and Spanish as a free service.

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