We are BEYOND broker.

Most brokers come around at renewal time to secure the account and collect commission for another year. At Beckworth Beneficial, we earn your business all year long.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to our HR Assist model, aggressive service work, personal onsite visits and a benefits consultant approach, we demonstrate a BEYOND Broker work ethic, along with a relational touch.

Current Clients

  • We consistently help our clients select the right benefits strategy for their business and understand how different approaches impact their overall spend. We model plan scenarios to guide clients and prospects through the benefits plan selection process.
  • We also add context and data behind renewals by benchmarking last year’s claims against national data from more than 12 million records.
  • We are hands on with Open Enrollment meetings and we distribute Employee Benefits Guides as we walk employees through the benefits, features and cost changes of a new year. These booklets also serve as a helpful tool for on-boarding employees as they work through their probationary period and prepare to select a medical/ancillary plan. Employee Benefits Guides are immensely valuable to business owners and Human Resources manager as the content is a blanket of robust employee communications, messaging content and ACA guidelines. The guides are clean and save a company time and headaches acquiring the same information form carriers and many other sources.

Interested & Prospective Clients

  • We help employers compare their total benefits costs, plan designs and premium contributions to similar businesses based on their industry, number of employees, geographic territory and medical plan type. We also offer greater transparency into benefit costs.
  • We review the financial health of a company’s benefits strategies using comprehensive reporting, advanced analytics, bench marking and cost-containment strategies to identify areas of improvement. We help employers maximize their benefits offerings with a health plan financial report to review their overall and specific claims data, compared to their annual budget.
  • We offer carrier-direct level-funding and self-funding as benefits options for larger groups to help clients and prospects control their benefits spend. We also educate employers on the cost-saving implications of incorporating HRAs or HSAs into their benefits strategy.


Working with employees in a group plan can be a lot of work for an HR manager or employer. Beckworth Beneficial is ready to serve, whether as a back or front office. Taking a Benefits Consultant’s approach, our level of service is determined by our clients preferences and needs. You can expect to glad you chose us, as we are pleased to serve you and your company!


The truth is most brokers have access to the same resources and carriers. The truth is not all brokers deliver the same service and touch. At the end of the day business is still made up of people. Although competence, depth of knowledge and solid resources should be the norm for a benefits consultant; personal touch, accessibility and a warm relationship still go a long way in the busy world of business. Beckworth Beneficial delivers this which is why we’ve retained clients for over twenty years.

Beckworth Beneficial